Bob Timkey
Brian West is a passionate solar professional with abundant experience installing solar on rooftops around the United States, solving problems and overcoming challenges in all sorts of environmental situations. Brian can walk any homeowner through all aspects of solar production and is the rare type of person who is also willing to help fix or solve issues left behind by other installers who may have exited the industry or left Western New York to work elsewhere. Our company relies on Brian as a valuable source of knowledge and experience whenever we run into an unusual situation or repair issue. Brian’s also a family man who chooses the solar industry for the all the right reasons. Willing to roll up his sleeves to make a difference.
Patti West
We had West Energy install 16 solar panels in December 2015. The work was well organized and completed so we would qualify for generous tax credits. Our electric bill savings are extremely rewarding. Brian West, my son has supported the system since installation. I highly recommend his services for PV solar panels and all solar services.
Candice S.
Fast response. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Cory C.
Very professional I would highly recommend
John Sanders Solar
Brian is my manager. Brian knows more than 99% in the solar world. He can save you money as well as install the system! There’s basically no scenario he hasn’t seen. If you want a lower bill or to live sustainability, Solar guy Bri is your man.